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CFAO Motors South Africa is a major auto franchise group in South Africa, with a network comprising over 100 dealerships across the country. Through this network, we are proud to represent almost every major vehicle brand sold in SA.

As the preferred provider to many large, medium and small fleet companies in Southern Africa, our strength lies in the fact that we are not only able to provide quality products ranging from passenger to heavy commercial vehicles, we can also offer a dedicated sales force who specialise in fleet solutions.

CFAO Motors offers comprehensive fleet packages to a wide variety of customer needs. In containing costs and effectively managing your fleet vehicles, there are many other things to consider:

  • How vehicles are selected;
  • How vehicles are purchased/financed;
  • Maintenance and service plans (for accurate budgeting of total monthly operating costs);
  • Optimal replacement cycle of vehicles;
  • Optimal disposal method of vehicles;
  • Driver management and cost controls;
  • Total Cost of Ownership calculations;
  • CPK calculations.

Each of these criteria has a marked impact on the overall cost of your fleet purchase and operation. At CFAO Motors, our fleet expertise enables us to assist you in making informed decisions for your operation. Sound fleet management decisions will allow you to minimise the constant increasing costs of operating your business’ fleet vehicles, thereby adding excellent value in the short and long term.

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